BOSNA Logistics


More than 25 years’ experience in Logistics!

With no desire to be the biggest, but rather the best in each of the fields of service, the company continues to grow by attracting the best and brightest people in their fields, and motivating them to take great pride in their work. The result has been a productive team that always puts the customer's needs FIRST!

Our clients are mainly located in the "hinterland" of Rotterdam and have a significant and continuous supply chain, around the world.

We are in hart of logistical center in North of Netherlands at the Groningen Rail Port with direct connection with Port of Rotterdam.


BOSNA Logistics offers complete sea freight services, customized to your needs.
Based in Veendam with direct connection to biggest port in Europe Rotterdam, we offer you more than 800 regular liner destinations worldwide.....more


BOSNA Logistics offers daily door-to-door air freight operations and same-day pick-up and delivery capabilities for all your time-critical deliveries. Our dedicated air freight team at Schiphol terminal is known for delivering high quality services throughout the entire process of your shipment....more


Getting the best transit time routing is not the same as getting the best total shipping cost. Using a combination of different transport carriers is sometimes better to achieve the best total shipping cost for door to door movements.....more


Clearing customs quickly and smoothly is a necessary step for every international shipper. Our customs services help your entry and exit into the European Union by clearing your goods through the centrally located ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam airport (Schiphol)......more