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Multimodal Transport
Multimodal Transport


Getting the best transit time routing is not the same as getting the best total shipping cost. Using a combination of different transport carriers is sometimes better to achieve the best total shipping cost for door to door movements. However, it requires more logistics coordination and hands-on involvement. Using a single transport carrier to provide a door to door movement, may achieve the best routing. It requires less logistics coordination and paperwork.
The advantage of both Intermodal and Multimodal Transport is given by the most efficient combination of multiple transport modes, optimizing lead times, reducing inventory costs and keeping the level of freight costs under control. This combination results in increased environmental sustainability, reducing the transportation carbon footprint".
Advantages of Multimodal transportation are associated with: 
a) Shipment tracking efficiency able to monitor with one transport carrier from door to door delivery; 

b) access to remote parts of the world with responsibility and liability of the movement with one transport carrier;
c) efficiency in delivery time; 

d) minimization of logistics coordination expenses of a shipper.

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